Update on COVID-19 Protocols 3/18/20

posted: by: Tamara Chastain Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Dear friends of AAH,

We know you are most certainly inundated with plenty of information on COVID-19 at this point. The staff and doctors at Alexandria Animal Hospital care for your health and safety. At the same time we want to be sure your pets get the care they need too.  Below are precautions we are taking and ways we ask for your help in our endeavor:

We are open:  We intend to stay open for normal business hours to serve our patients, but we ask that you help us maintain a safe environment for you as well as our staff so we may continue to do so.  We are giving priority to sick and urgent patients and encouraging those that have routine or non-urgent appointments to reschedule for a later date in order to reduce unecessary person to person contact at this crucial time.

Disinfecting:  Cleanliness is a top priority. Our staff are accustomed to taking biosecurity precautions to reduce transfer of infectious diseases in our practice. In addition to our regular cleaning schedules, we will be disinfecting our high traffic areas and frequently handled surfaces multiple times daily.

Avoiding physical contact: Staff and Doctors practice thorough hand washing between appointments and will be abstaining from direct physical contact with other people at the office. (Please know, we love our clients and will show our compassion and empathy the best we know how - minus the handshakes/holds and hugs ❤️).

Please don't come in if you are sick.  We ask that you reschedule your appointment or have a family member/friend bring your pet in.  Please notify us if your pet is coming from a home where there has been illness.

Call us when you get here:  Call us from your vehicle when you arrive for your appointment or to pick up medications. We can then either take you straight to an exam room when it is ready, or allow you to wait in the car while a staff member escorts your pet in for their visit. At this time we are asking that no more than one person accompany their pet into the clinic if possible.  Prescriptions, supplies, and food can be delivered to your car as well - just call when you get here.

COVID-19 is a human virus:  At this time there is NO indication that our pets can become infected with this particular virus. It is still recommended that you have another family member care for your pet, if you are sick. The main reason for this recommendation is to avoid allowing virus particles to hitch a ride on the pet’s fur to another person. While the pet does not become infected, their fur can become contaminated just like any other highly touched surface.

We will continue to update you as this situation evolves. Please use your best judgement about your own health and those most vulnerable people around you.


The Doctors and Staff of Alexandria Animal Hospital