Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour


We at Alexandria Animal Hospital would like to welcome you to our practice.  We invite you inside our office to take a look around on our virtual tour.  Of course we are always happy to give you a real tour of the hospital should you visit us.  Please do not hesitate to stop in and ask a receptionist the next time you are in the area!

Retail Area

We offer a variety of retail items including leashes, collars, and training aids.  Please ask a receptionist if you are looking for something specific or would like help with fitting.

Retail and Pet Food area

We stock a large variety of both maintenance and prescription pet foods as well as many pet care items.  Our staff would be happy to help you find a the right product for your pet.  Don't see what you are looking for?  Please ask a staff member.  Many times a special order can be made to accomodate your pet's needs.


Large Dog Exam Room

This room contains a lift table enabling easier examination of large dogs.

Dr. Larry Owen examines a cat in one of our exam rooms.

Small Dog and Cat Exam Room

The hospital has 2 additional exam rooms designed for cats and small dogs.   Here, Dr. Chastain examines a cat in one of these rooms.  Please let us know, if your pet has any special needs during your visit.  Our staff strives to make your pet's visit as comfortable as possible.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Medications necessary for your pet's treatment can be prepared right here during your visit.

In-house Laboratory

At Alexandria Animal Hospital we have the capability of performing many laboratory tests within the clinic.  We are equipped to assist you and your pet, if there is a need for rapid results on such things as heartworm tests, Feline Leukemia and FIV tests, serum chemistries and complete blood counts to name a few.  Our doctors can help determine whether utizing our in-house equipment or our well-qualified reference laboratory will gain the most useful information for you and your pet during any given visit.

Dr. Megan Phelps

Dr. Phelps holding her own Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Georgia, in the pharmacy/exam room prep. area.

Dr. Owen

Dental Cleaning

One of our technicians performs a dental cleaning on a patient in our treatment area.  Our dental unit is very similar to the units used in human dentistry.  We perform all dental cleanings under general anesthesia.  In the background you can see our anesthesia monitor keeping track of blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and EKG.  All pets are also placed IV fluids during their anesthesia to help maintain blood pressure and aid in their body's metabolism and elimination of the anesthetic agents.  Do not hesitate to ask a doctor or technician any questions you might have about the dental services we offer.

Dental Cleaning

Large Boarding Runs

We have a number of clean, spacious runs for boarding dogs.  If you have a vacation planned, be sure to make your boarding reservations early, as our boarding facility fills up quickly especially during peak times.

Cat Condo

Cats can be boarded in "Cat Condos," which are located in a separate room away from dogs.  These special cages provide a window to view outside world and ledges for purching.