January is National Train Your Dog Month!

posted: by: Tammy Chastain D.V.M. Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Did you know January is National Train Your Dog Month?  This special month was designated by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to not only highlight the importance of proper training and socialization, but also to bring attention to the fun that can be had during the process.  The more time spent in training a dog from day one, the stronger the bond that will be built.  Dogs are learning every day whether we are intentional about it or not.  Furthermore, behavior issues stemming from lack of appropriate training or socialization is one of the leading reasons pets are relinquished to shelters.  Consistent and intentional training is essential in preventing this type of outcome.

The doctors and staff at Alexandria Animal Hospital want to partner with you to help answer questions and find resources to help in the training of your dog.  Our hope is that we can help prevent behavior issues before they start.  We support and encourage positive methods of training that minimize fear and anxiety during the process.  Our staff recently completed a very in-depth certification program through Fear Free.  This program not only detailed methods in reducing anxiety in our patients in the hospital setting, but has also prepared us to provide support to our clients in addressing fear and anxiety issues in their pets in a variety of other settings as well.  Our goal is that you have the most meaningful bond with your dog as possible.  We believe training and socialization through positive reinforcement methods is one of the most important ways to establish that connection.

Check out the links above within the text and stay tuned for more information, links, and videos throughout the month!