Insurance can help your pets get the care they need!

posted: by: Tammy Chastain DVM Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Imagine this scenario. A fresh sheet of ice covers your porch after a night of Indiana winter weather.  As is your customary routine, you let your two dogs out for one last “potty break” before you head to work.  When you go to let them back in, you notice that your five year old Labrador Retriever, “Champ,” is holding his back leg up in obvious pain.  In hindsight, you recall hearing a bit of commotion as the two had raced out the door earlier.  You suspect he slipped on the ice and injured himeself.  Keeping your fingers crossed it is nothing more than a sprain, you dial the number to your veterinarian and make an appointment for that day.  Upon examination, it becomes apparent that Champ has completely torn his ACL or cruciate ligament in his knee.  Your veterinarian explains that due to Champ’s size and the nature of this injury, he will require referral to a surgeon for repair.  You also discover this surgery will be quite costly.  It is an expense you were far from expecting, and certainly not prepared to pay, while your bank account recovers from the holidays.   You worry that Champ may have to wait for surgery until you can secure the funds to pursue treatment.


It is inevitable, at some point during a pet’s life, that an unexpected medical expense will arise. Whether it be an injury, foreign body ingestion, or unanticipated illness, these costs can present a significant burden.  Because you never know when the need might arise, it is imperative that pet owners plan for emergencies and the unexpected costs that can be associated with them. One way to be prepared is to consider a health insurance policy for your pet.  Pet insurance has become increasingly common, and there are a number of types from which to choose.  Some offer policies that are primarily major medical coverage for those unanticipated events, while others offer coverage for preventive care as well.  Pet health insurance is best implemented when your pet is young and healthy.  This is because preexisting health conditions are typically not covered.  While there are a number of great pet health insurance companies, our practice works closely with Trupanion® pet health insurance. This insurance company provides major medical coverage at a variety of different deductible amounts resulting in differing premium options.  Next time you are in with your pet, ask about whether they might qualify for a 30 day free trial.  We encourage you look into an insurance policy for your pet.  It is wise to shop around and find the insurance policy that is right for you.  We are happy to work with any of them. 


Had our friend, Champ, been covered with an insurance policy, the financial burden would have been dramatically reduced.  Monetary factors would not have been as big a part in the decision process to get him the care he needed in a timely manner.


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