Continuing education - a priority in our practice

posted: by: Tammy Chastain D.V.M. Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Did you know that we still go to school?  In the ever-changing world of veterinary medicine, it is extremely important that we do.  The doctors and staff at Alexandria Animal Hospital are dedicated to providing the best care possible for your pets.  A big part of this care is a commitment to continuing our education in order to keep up with the latest, most effective, and safest treatments as well as preventive health care.  All of our staff participate in educational meetings at least monthly to share ideas and information in order to help our patients to the best of our ability.  Our doctors, technicians and assistants also frequently participate in meetings and seminars off-site to further their education in specific topics relevant to the treatment of our patients.  In addition, our doctors consult with a wonderful network of specialists in internal medicine, dermatology, oncology, surgery, behavior, and ophthalmology on a daily basis in order to help guide our treatment plans for our patients.  We are so very thankful that you entrust us with your pet's care.  We take this responsibility very seriously and want to provide the very best for you and your pets.