Canine Influenza update

posted: by: Tammy Chastain Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

The doctors and staff at Alexandria Animal Hospital are doing all they can to keep informed on the latest developments regarding the canine influenza strain that has shown up in Chicago and more recently confirmed in West Lafayette, Indiana.  We are currently not encouraging flu vaccination for your pets.  The vaccine available does not contain the influenza strain that is affecting dogs in this most recent outbreak.  There is no evidence that it provides any protection for this strain that is said to have originated from Asia.  Canine influenza is most prevalent in areas where large numbers of dogs congregate (i.e. boarding/grooming facilities, doggy day cares, dog parks, etc.).  While this virus is prevalent and spreading, we recommend to avoid these areas unless absolutely necessary.  Please don't hesitate to call, if you have any further questions regarding this topic, or have concerns that your pet is exhibiting respiratory symptoms (cough, nasal discharge, lethargy, fever).